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Photographer based in Auckland New Zealand


I am a Commercial Photographer and Videographer.

With a B.Des majoring in Photographic Design and several years working in the industry with my creative input and vision is second to none.



Having worked in the Travel Industry and explored widely myself I have a unique insight into this world.

Whilst shooting at many of the major music events in New Zealand I have built up a reputation for always getting my clients their stand out shots.



I have been Bungy Jumping 12 times.

I have jumped out of a plane several times.

Luckily I'm still here to tell the tale.

I am 6 feet 7 inches tall so there's no need to carry a stepladder around with me.

My car registration is 'CAR', and no I didn't choose it.

Whether your needs are studio based, on location or for specific events my unique interpretation and personal style adds that special touch you are looking for.

Feel free to browse my Instagram page and give me a follow to keep up with my latest projects.

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